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Design Accessible Web Sites: 36 Keys to Creating Content for All
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It's not a one-browser web anymore. You need to reach audiences that use
cell phones, PDAs, game consoles, or other "alternative" browsers, as
well as users with disabilities. Legal requirements for assistive
technologies as well as a wide array of new browsing experiences means
you need to concentrate on semantics, alternate access paths, and
progressive enhancement. Give your audience the power to interact with
your content on their own terms. It's the right thing to do, and with a
$100 billion a year market for accessible content, new laws and new
technologies, you can't afford to ignore accessibility. With this book,
you'll learn basic principles and techniques for developing accessible
HTML, audio, video, and multimedia content. In addition, you will
understand how to apply the principles you learn in this book to new
technologies when they emerge. You'll learn how to:
- Use best practices of accessibility to develop accessible web
- Build testing into projects to improve results and reduce costs
- Create high quality alternative representations for your audience
- Add accessibility features to external media like PDF and Flash
- Negotiate the terrain of accessibility standards
- Apply principles of accessiblity to new technologies as they emerge

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