Queens Knight: 1.Nc3 & 1...Nc6 in Chess Openings

Queens Knight: 1.Nc3 & 1...Nc6 in Chess Openings

English | October 18, 2016 | ISBN: 1539613038 | 120 Pages | Rar (PDF, AZW3) | 0.74 MB

Play Queen's Knight Openings on move one against anything! 1.Nc3! for White is the Van Geet Queen's Knight Attack. 1...Nc6! for Black is the Nimzowitsch Queen's Knight Defence. You have a complete repertoire that works against any opening. This book has had a major revision in 2016. Many more master games have been added. The book now has 110 games with an Index of Names to Games. Follow Miles, Myers, Short, Mikenas, Van Geet, Nimzowitsch, Bogoljubow, Keres,Keilhack, Bauer and Wisnewski. The author has played these openings in thousands of games. The goal is to introduce you to the super stars of this opening. You see through their games how 1.Nc3 and 1...Nc6 have been handled. Many masters play this from both sides. The author's personal philosophy is to play the Queen's Knight on move 1 and either center pawn two squares on move 2. Sometimes this leads me to well-known openings. Often you can choose lesser known openings. Sometimes you may play the center pawn only one square. White you play the knight on the left in the 1.Nc3 Van Geet also called the Dunst Opening. As Black you play the knight on the right in the dark knight Nimzovich system. It works. A few games from the Sicilian Defence and Vienna Game have been added in case you wish to transpose. But you don't have to. Consider new strategy and tactics and your interest will soar! Some of the author's best rated tournament games were with the Queen's Knight. You are going to win games that you want to show your friends. Stay excited. Have fun playing chess!



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