REAL World PayPal IPN: A Simple-English How to Guide for Setting up PayPal IPN

REAL World PayPal IPN: A Simple-English How to Guide for Setting up PayPal IPN

English | 17 May 2017 | ASIN: B072BXTMCS | 86 Pages | PDF | 917.78 KB
Paypal's Instant Payment Notifications (IPN) are GREAT! 每 Once You Actually Get Them to Work
PayPal's IPN will make your life easier. 每 Once you get it working.
You'll see orders and deposits run automatically. 每 Once you get it working.
You can connect everything through your back end to make things seamless, automatic, and effortless.每 Once you get it working.
E-Commerce will be a joy 每 Once you get it working.

Getting the darned thing to work is another story altogether.

I wasted three solid weeks six months apart trying, and I have a tech background. I spent 3 months invoicing manually! That's not ideal.

IPN Documentation isn't the greatest. There are errors and "undocumented features" to trip you up. Little things like messsages of "Success!" that are actually failures, or undocumented limits on changes.

I thought it was me. It wasn't.

Until now, I couldn't find anything that set out a straight-forward, repeatable process, let alone one set out in simple English. That's why I decided to write this book. It helps that I'm a ghostwriter who's specialty is demystifying tech.

This Tech is in desperate need of demystification.

Instant Payment Notification (IPN) does pretty much what its name implies. IPN notifies you (nearly) instantly of any actions people make on, to, or with your account.

That's the first gotcha! There are more. . .

I'll save you the headaches, aggravation, and Tourette's style outbursts that accompanied me on my journey getting IPN to work for my website,
I already went through the pain for you. I mapped out the gotchas. I paved the way. I'll tell you what works, what doesn't work, and what to do about it all. I make it easy on you. 每 in Simple English.

I even show you how to custom-build your own PayPal buttons. You won't be limited to the simplistic stored ones anymore.

I even include a link to downloadable sample code.

You should be up and running in a day or two. . . Really, stop laughing!

I made the experience of getting PayPal"s IPN to work easy. I also made reading this book easy. It's available in both regular type and a Mobile-Optimized larger type. I suggest the Mobile Optimized Edition if you plan to read often on your phone.


CODE SNIPPETS are available for download on my website. The link is in the book.

IPN or PDT (Payment Data Transfer) work the same way. Either or both can be set-up using the methods in here.




[Fast Download] REAL World PayPal IPN: A Simple-English How to Guide for Setting up PayPal IPN

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