Radiation Effects in Materials

Radiation Effects in Materials

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The study of radiation effects has developed as a major field of materials science from the beginning, approximately 70 years ago. Its rapid development has been driven by two strong influences. The properties of the crystal defects and the materials containing them may then be studied.

The types of radiation that can alter structural materials consist of neutrons, ions, electrons, gamma rays or other electromagnetic waves with different wavelengths. All of these forms of radiation have the capability to displace atoms/molecules from their lattice sites, which is the fundamental process that drives the changes in all materials. The effect of irradiation on materials is fixed in the initial event in which an energetic projectile strikes a target.

1 Effects of Electron Irradiation Upon Absorptive and Fluorescent Properties of Some Doped Optical Fibers
2 Radiation Effects in Optical Materials and Photonic Devices
3 The Impact of Successive Gamma and Neutron Irradiation on Characteristics of PIN Photodiodes and Phototransistors
4 Electron Beam Irradiation Effects on Dielectric Parameters of SiR-EPDM Blends
5 Radiation and Environmental Biophysics: From Single Cells to Small Animals
6 Radioactivity in Food: Experiences of the Food Control Authority of Basel-City since the Chernobyl Accident
7 Radiation Influence on Edible Materials
8 Transient Anions in Radiobiology and Radiotherapy: From Gaseous Biomolecules to Condensed Organic and Biomolecular Solids
9 Elimination of Potential Pathogenic Microorganisms in Sewage Sludge Using Electron Beam Irradiation
10 Radiation Effects in Polyamides
11 Ion-Irradiation-Induced Carbon Nanostructures in Optoelectronic Polymer Materials
12 Radiation Effects in Textile Materials
13 Irradiation Pretreatment of Tropical Biomass and Biofiber for Biofuel Production
14 Ion Bombardment-Induced Surface Effects in Materials
15 Neutron Irradiation Effects in 5xxx and 6xxx Series Aluminum Alloys: A Literature Review
16 A Parallel between Laser Irradiation and Relativistic Electrons Irradiation of Solids
17 Nanostructuring of Material Surfaces by Laser Ablation
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