Raspberry Pi Robotics Essentials

Raspberry Pi Robotics Essentials

English | June 19, 2015 | ISBN: 1785284843 | 157 Pages | PDF/EPUB | 48 MB

Harness the power of Raspberry Pi with Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) to create an amazing walking robot
About This BookConstruct a two-legged robot that can walk, turn, and danceAdd vision and sensors to your robot so that it can "see" the environment and avoid barriersA fast-paced, practical guide with plenty of screenshots to develop a fully functional robot

    Who This Book Is For
    If you are a programmer with an interest in building advanced robotics projects using inexpensive hardware and open source software, then this book is for you. Some experience with computer programming and implementing simple mechanical systems is required.
    What You Will LearnBuild a basic biped platform, a servo-based robot that can walkAdd Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) to your robot and make it free to move forward/backward, up/down, and left/rightAdd vision through a webcam so that the biped can "see" the world around itImplement path planning so that the biped can move around autonomouslyAdd wireless communication so that you can see what the robot is seeing and control the robot from a distance
      In Detail
      The Raspberry Pi B2 is an inexpensive embedded processor that provides a high-performance Linux development environment.
      This book is a fast-paced guide that will show you how to use Raspberry Pi technology to build a biped robot that can interact with its environment. We start off by explaining the basics of getting your Raspberry Pi up and running, ready to be mounted on your biped platform. After this, you will be introduced to the art of constructing a mechanism for the biped platform. You will then learn to develop a vision system for your robot, as well as a means by which you can control and monitor it. At the end of this book, you will have learned enough to build a complex biped robot that can walk, turn, find its way, and "see" its environment.



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