Reactive Android Programming

Reactive Android Programming

English | May 26, 2017 | ISBN: 1787289907 | 309 Pages | PDF | 4 MB

Make the most of asynchronous android programming
About This Book
Install and set up RxJava for Android development
Implement the Reactive paradigm for Android programming using RxJava
Create cutting edge real world Android apps with Reactive programming.
Who This Book Is For
Are you an android developer trying to figure out how to use reactive paradigm for your programming needs? If yes then this is the book for you. No previous knowledge of RxJava is required.
What You Will Learn
Set up an environment for asynchronous that is reactive Android programming
Write custom observables and higher level abstractions
Orchestrating multiple calls using Reactive programming principles
Fetch remote financial data using RxJava
Integrate and process Twitter streams gracefully
Utilize Reactive programming to develop interactive and responsive Android apps
Create your own application to follow financial stock updates in real-time based on selected companies' symbols
Integrate updates from the Twitter for those companies.
In Detail
Writing code on Android is hard. Writing a high quality code that involves concurrent and parallel tasks is even harder. Ensuring that this code will run without unforeseen race conditions is an the order of magnitude harder. RxJava is the tool that can help write code for such tasks.
In this book a novice developer will be introduced to a wide variety of tools that RxJava provides to enable them to produce robust and high-quality code for their asynchronous tasks by building a relatively simple(and high quality) application using advanced RxJava techniques to produce a high quality product.
Part 1 of the book will lead the developer through RxJava's initial setup in Android environment. In Part 2, the reader will learn RxJava 2.0 step-by-step by starting off with stock data processing and display.The developer will learn to choose appropriate Schedulers and to use Retrofit library for remote requests.In Part 3, the reader will also learn advanced topics such as adding integration to Twitter to process its streaming data by combining it with stock data.
Style and approach
This book is a step by step practical guide which will essentially teach you to set up, implement, and debug Reactive Android Code with ease.
Tadas Subonis started coding roughly when he was thirteen. Since then, he has programmed with PHP, JavaScript, Python, C++, and Java (the language in which he has probably written the most code). He took up Android relatively recently¨Caround 2014 (after a few false starts in 2012).
However, he soon learned that Android lacks a decent support for asynchronous programming (Async Task was/is a joke) while more reckless languages, such as JavaScript, had Promises for a long time. Furthermore, Java's standard library was lacking a decent support for functional programming primitives (map, filter), but that was easily fixable with libraries such as Guava.
This lead Tadas to a search for a library that would help him achieve a Promise-like functionality and interface. It didn't take long until he found ReactiveX and its family of implementations (including RxJava) that handle streams in Reactive fashion. It wasn't exactly the flow of Promised-like systems but, soon enough, he realized that it's something even more powerful.
Since then, he has been using RxJava (and RxKotlin) for his daily Android programming. The quality of the code (the lack of bugs, readability, and maintainability) has improved ten-fold. Giving a quick crash-free experience for the users of your application is a must these days when competition for user attention on app marketplaces is getting fiercer and fiercer.


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