Rechian Therapy: A Practical Guide for Home Use

Rechian Therapy: A Practical Guide for Home Use

English | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B07TS7Z1MS | 559 Pages | EPUB | July 1, 2019 | 8.72 MB

Learn to release hidden anger and frustrations, and become instantly happier and healthier. Enjoy natural vitality and superior sexuality through the breathing, movement and sound techniques of Reichian therapy and breathwork. Explore techniques developed by Wilhelm Reich to dissolve pent-up tensions, which he called armoring. Learn to loosen and dissolve the armoring to allow for the removal of tensions and the creation of new links between the body and mind. People learn to hold back basic needs and feelings which they have been taught to be inappropriate. An enormous amount of time and energy is spent suppressing these instincts, especially during childhood and traumatic events. Reich called the resulting blockages armoring. A most effective way to free blocked energies is through the breathing and movement techniques of Reichian therapy. Individual Reichian breathwork sessions are taught in this practical book. Anyone can improve their vitality, inspiration and passion through the breathing, movement and sound techniques of Reichian therapy revealed here. The pioneering therapist Wilhelm Reich developed these techniques in the early 20th century. He is commonly considered to be the grandfather of all deep emotional release forms of bodywork now practiced by medical doctors, chiropractors, and therapists around the world. This book teaches us to achieve our full potential, heal emotional wounds, and to create greater self-esteem and a stronger sense of well-being.


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