Retirement when you want

Retirement when you want

English | July 25, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B08DQKKG1P | 164 Pages | EPUB | 0.84 MB

"Retirement when you want it" is not a misleading promise presented by an ephemeral salesman in search of proclamations and publicity.
This book gives you in hand the infallible and tested method and all the tools to create in a simple and immediate way a life fund that is in all respects the biggest alternative to the state pension, with multiplied results and withdrawable when you want!
This is the FINAL SOLUTION that many people have hoped in vain to find for decades.
No more social security, or insurance proposals that bind you for life by handing you over in time less than what you had set aside. No more pension when you're old and decided by others.
No more not being in control of what you're forced to pay for your whole life.
In a world where the state pension is becoming more and more a mirage, you will learn to "see" with the right eyes the hidden system that the puppeteers have created for you, forcing you to wedge yourself into a pre-established system, specifically designed to pay you as late as possible, when you will no longer have the energy to enjoy the last years of your life and without offering you a proper revaluation of the money you have set aside over the years with so much effort.
In 45 years of work, the social security institution pays you back less than what you have paid. Without any revaluation.
Yet in 45 years, the world has changed completely and grown exponentially.
What would it be like to have a self-managed pension that grows at the same rate?
From now on, you too will have an innovative method to apply on your own, which requires no special skills and is within everyone's reach.


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