Roswell: The Ultimate Cold Case

Roswell: The Ultimate Cold Case: Eyewitness Testimony and Evidence of Contact and the Cover-Up

English | June 20th, 2020 | ISBN: 163265170X | 320 Pages | EPUB | 7.60 MB

Two of the world's leading investigators declare definitively that the Roswell Incident happen and present their closing arguments.

For more than 70 years, the crash at Roswell and its ensuing controversies and cover-ups have been investigated and yet despite continually mounting evidence there are still disbilievers. Roswell: The Ultimate Cold Case is Carey and Schmitt's final and commanding word on the case in which they declare victory once and for all.

The government has changed their official story on Roswell more than a dozen times, but the witnesses have not recanted. The evidence has not gone away. And won't go away. The Roswell Incident is the most hotly debated and investigated UFO crashed in history with a never seeming end of evidence of eyewitness coming forward even years later. Finally, late in life people feel safe enough or feel a duty bound to reveal what they know, saw, and heard.

Roswell: The Ultimate Cold Case will bring all new exclusive eye witness testimonies to light as well as cover the:
Connection of astronauts Edgar Mitchell and Neil Armstrong to Roswell.
Connection of Clinton, Carter, Goldwater, Schiff, and Richardson to Roswell.
First time artist conception of impact site with craft and bodies based on firsthand testimony.
First time full-size model of crash survivor based on eyewitness testimony.
And more eyewitness corroboration....


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