SQL Hacks

Whether you're running Access, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, or PostgreSQL, this book will help you push the limits of traditional SQL to squeeze data effectively from your database. The book offers 100 hacks -- unique tips and tools -- that bring you the knowledge of experts who apply what they know in the real world to help you take full advantage of the expressive power of SQL. You'll find practical techniques to address complex data manipulation problems. Learn how to:

* Wrangle data in the most efficient way possible

* Aggregate and organize your data for meaningful and accurate reporting

* Make the most of subqueries, joins, and unions

* Stay on top of the performance of your queries and the server that runs them

* Avoid common SQL security pitfalls, including the dreaded SQL injection attack

Let SQL Hacks serve as your toolbox for digging up and manipulating data. If you love to tinker and optimize, SQL is the perfect technology and SQL Hacks is the must-have book for you.

Why SQL Hacks?

The term hacking has a bad reputation in the press. They use it to refer to people who break into systems or wreak havoc with computers as their weapon. Among people who write code, though, the term hack refers to a "quick-and-dirty" solution to a problem, or a clever way to get something done. And the term hacker is taken very much as a compliment, referring to someone as being creative, having the technical chops to get things done. The Hacks series is an attempt to reclaim the word, document the good ways people are hacking, and pass the hacker ethic of creative participation on to the uninitiated. Seeing how others approach systems and problems is often the quickest way to learn about a new technology.

This book is a collection of 100 different hacks. Each hack involves a specific problem that you may have already seen before, but perhaps tackled in a way you wouldn't have considered. The hacks range from solving simple, everyday problems, all the way to tackling complex data processing scenarios. Each hack may concentrate on a particular scenario, but you should be able to adapt them to a wide range of problems specific to your own challenges. Some of these hacks will leave you thinking, "I guess that's one way to do it; thanks, but no thanks." However, we hope that most will make you say, "Wow...I didn't know SQL could do that."

You should also be questioning the balance between SQL and your programming language. With a bit more understanding of SQL you can do more processing at the database, and as a result have less traffic between the database and your application. Nine times out of ten this approach is going to be faster and better. It's all about letting your program do the things it's good at, and letting the database do the things it's good at.

Book Info:
Published in 2006
Published by O'Reilly
Author Andrew Cumming
ISBN 0596527993  Size 2.05MB

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[Fast Download] SQL Hacks

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