SQL Programming

SQL Programming

English | February 14, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B084QMDFFY | 182 Pages | EPUB | 3.89 MB

You are 1-Click Away From Understanding The Ins & Outs Of SQL Fast, In Simple Language!

Data is the new currency these days. But how exactly do you generate/capture this data, organize it, manipulate it, give people access to it and store it in a way that you can start analyze and make sense of it?
The answer is simple; leverage the power of SQL!
But what exactly is SQL?
What does it do?
How do you use SQL to achieve different goals?
What benefits can you expect from learning SQL?
If you have these and related questions, this book answers these and other questions you may have about SQL in simple language to help you to start applying what you learn immediately. The book covers SQL deeply and widely to enable you to have more than average level knowledge of the different concepts about SQL that you should know to effectively it in different facets of your life.
Here is a summary of what you will learn from the book:
The basics about SQL including what it is, how SQL has evolved over the years, the different SQL query types, why databases as critical and moreThe concept of Data Definition Language (DDL), including DDL for table and database creation, DDL foreign key in tables, DDL altering for foreign key, using DDL to create views, delete and drop tables and moreHow to ensure the integrity of data with unique constraints, not null constraints, foreign key constraints, primary key constraints and much moreUnions and joins of SQL, including union all command, union command, left join, right join and inner joinThe ins and outs of databases in SQL, including how to create databases, remove databases, create schema, create tables and insert data into the tables, populate a table with new data, insert null values, sorting entries, using various clauses and moreHow to create, delete and change roles, users and logins for different parts of a database in SQLThe ins and outs of SQL views, including how to add a view to a database, create an updateable view, set up database security, drop a view and moreThe inner workings of administration of databases, including using order by, where clause, recovery models, database restores, attaching and detaching databases, query structure and select statement etc.SQL transactions, including what a transaction is, what it is composed of, how to set constraints in SQL transactions, start SQL transactions, rollback, use Savepoint, commit and moreThe ins and outs of SQL triggers, including what triggers are, why they are necessary, how they work, how to create your triggers, delete triggers, change triggers and moreAnd much more!

    The book is complete with easy to follow examples and illustrations to break down seemingly complex concepts into easy to understand steps that you can start applying right away!
    Get ready to start unlocking the full power of SQL even if you've never learned it before.
    And even if you've learned SQL before but still have questions you need answers for, you will find the book extremely helpful as well.
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