Self-Discipline: How to Develop the Mindset, Mental Toughness and Self-Discipline of a U.S. Navy SEAL

Self-Discipline: How to Develop the Mindset, Mental Toughness and Self-Discipline of a U.S. Navy SEAL

English | December 5, 2016 | ISBN: 1519061692 | 70 Pages | EPUB | 0.23 MB

Learn the high-level techniques used by the U.S. Navy's top psychologists to train Navy SEALs into the most self-disciplined, toughest, grittiest warriors in the world. If you would like to have the indomitable will of a U.S. Navy SEAL... and do it even if you're (currently) lazy, undisciplined and couldn't motivate yourself out of a paper bag...then this book will show you how.
Discover the self-discipline techniques of the deadliest SEALs
U.S. Navy SEAL training is the toughest in the world. It's so tough that over 80 percent of SEAL trainees quit.
To help get more SEAL trainees through the grueling training program, the U.S. Navy hired some of the world's top psychologists to identify the key traits of the toughest, most successful SEALs... and teach these powerful techniques to SEAL trainees.
And guess what?
In this book, you'll learn those exact techniques.
How will you learn to develop the mindset, mental toughness and self-discipline of a U.S. Navy SEAL?
Here's a small sample of what you're about to learn... How to set goals like a Navy SEAL (and why it will 10X your grit)How SEALs mentally prepare for their toughest missionsHow SEALs "shut down" the instinctive fear of drowning and remain calm in life and death situations

    And much more!
    Transcend your limits. Operate at the edge of what's possible.
    What could you do with an unwavering level of self-discipline?
    Well, you no longer need to wonder, because by the time you've finished reading this book, you'll know: The 4 keys to extreme mental toughness (created by the U.S. Navy's top psychologists specifically for Navy SEALs)The 7 principles Navy SEALs live byHow one Navy SEAL had an instructor trying to make him quit during the infamous "Hell Week" by giving him thousands of harsh exercises... and how he still made it through
      And much more!
      "Do today what others won't; do tomorrow what others can't."
      Discover... What you can learn about mental toughness from a multimillionaire who randomly invited a Navy SEAL to live with him for 31 daysHow Navy SEALs use humor to increase their mental toughness (and how you can too)A special bonus chapter: "The SEAL Cheat Sheet"
        And much more!


        [Fast Download] Self-Discipline: How to Develop the Mindset, Mental Toughness and Self-Discipline of a U.S. Navy SEAL

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