Sex & Love Reading Material Superbook

Sex & Love Reading Material Superbook

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The seven books on reading and writing about sex, erotica, romance and love for fun and knowledge are as follows:

Book 1. Erotic Reading Material Guide, Mostly Free
Book 2. Read about Romance & Romance Novels
Book 3. Love Prose & Poetry
Book 4. Sex Knowledge-Media-Blog-Dictionary Guide
Book 5. Love-Sex Science Guide
Book 6. Writer Guide
Book 7. Book Lover Guide

There are millions of sex and love stories out there. Some people write them for fun, as a part of their fantasy lives.

Some people write them as truth, to express what happened to them, share it and maybe help themselves and others understand it better.

Some stories and poems are homages to love, erotica, a lover, a love affair, the glory of human pleasure and intimacy. Some become great epics like Jane Eyre, Anthony & Cleopatra, Sons & Lovers, Romeo & Juliet, Lolita, Don Juan and Lady Chatterly's Lover.

Throughout history, there have only been a few great sex and love writers like Ovid, Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, the Marquis de Sade, D.H. Lawrence, Havelock Ellis, Alfred Kinsey, the Masters & Johnson team, Sheri Hite and after that, there has been a pop culture explosion of sex and love writings geared for profit which kinda takes away from the true purpose of it which is to pursue the truth of the human condition, not just try to sell psychobabble and titillation.

Some sex and love stories and novels are erotic. Some are smutty, often called literary porn which is what many romance novels are moving towards. Romance novels used to be about romance but nowadays they're going way past the great sweeping first kiss to graphic sexual details. It's all part of the scene, to create arousing, exciting stories, mostly for women, although a few men read them and some write them. There are multi-thousands to millions of free love and sex stories on the internet.

Then there's the sex industry which is mostly the porn industry with its own gossip columnists.

Sex news is basically any interesting stories that involve sex and/ or love.

There are a whole crop of new sex writers nowadays. Almost every college newspaper now has its own sex and love columnist.

There is a big self-help sex and love book industry. Sex books are mostly at #613.96 at the library. At #306.7 at the library, see the motherload of love and romance advice books. Right after this at #306.80-90 are books dealing with all manner of family situations, even single parenting, fatherhood, etc.

There are sex comics. Nowadays they're called graphic novels, stories around sexy drawings of oversized naked people doing all kinds of sultry stuff. Some sex acts are illegal and can't be filmed. Some can't happen in real life because they're overblown fantasies. I've seen sex comics with some pretty weird stuff in them. Some erotic artists take pride in creating strange sexy, lusty worlds.

There's a big academic realm within the areas of love and sex. There is a big love and sex therapy industry with all kinds of phony research going on because it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know if two people love each other or if the intuitive spirit of it is gone, never to be rekindled. They got all kinds of phony therapies but they hardly address the most primal thing. If you married someone who was physically handsome or beautiful with a nice soul and now they're an overweight nagging slob-cynic, they've lost their attractibility and sex appeal so forget all them stupid therapies about talking and touching. If it's dead, it's gone. That's why I don't understand all those people who stay together long after the love is gone if it was ever there in the first place. Some go to marital sex therapy to try to rekindle something that they both intuitively know ain't gonna happen because just because you had great love once doesn't mean you can get it back. Life is only right now.


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