Sharn: City of Towers (Eberron Supplement)

Sharn: City of Towers (Eberron Supplement)
192 pages | ISBN:0786934344 | 52 mb | PDF
Discover a City Filled with Endless Adventure Hop aboard a skycoach and hurl yourself into adventure amid the soaring towers of Khorvaire¡¯s most spectacular city. Plunge into perilous aerial battles miles above the earth. Embark on deadly expeditions through the bowels of the city. Arrange clandestine meetings in shadowy taverns and undertake daring quests to faraway lands. For those bold enough to seek it, the City of Towers promises limitless excitement, danger, fame, and fortune.

Inside this book, you¡¯ll find all the details you¡¯ll need to explore the awe-inspiring city of Sharn -- a cornerstone of the Eberron campaign setting:

* Descriptions of over 100 city districts
* More than a dozen new guilds and organizations to help or hinder characters, including the Deathsgate Guild, the Circle of Song, and the Boromar Clan
* More than three dozen fully developed NPCs ranging from specific individuals to generic citizens
* New feats, spells, prestige classes, magic items, and monsters
* Detailed maps of Sharn and various locations around the city
* Free CD soundtrack -- nine tracks of original cinema-quality music to evoke the mood of Eberron on an audio CD bundled with the book




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