Shon Harris CISSP Certification Package 11CDs


Cd list:
Domain 1 - Access Control
Domain 2 - Applications Security
Domain 3 - Disaster Recovery
Domain 4 - Cryptography
Domain 5 - Law and Ethics
Domain 6 - Operations Security
Domain 7 - Physical Security
Domain 8 - Security Models
Domain 9 - Security Management
Domain 10 - Telecommunications (2CDs)

The Shon Harris CISSP Series Platinum Edition brings together all the materials, tools, and study aids you need to pass the CISSP exam. Whether you are a security professional, a seasoned engineer, or are looking for a career change - this is the solution to bring your career to new heights! Our objective is to not just prepare you for CISSP Certification, but to also provide you with the practical, detailed understanding and knowledge of security topics that will be of valued use to you and your company. Our product focuses not only on the areas necessary for the CISSP examination, but also on a more detailed and practical perspective that will give you competitive skills in the real world as well.

Our superior technology based course curriculum, strictly adheres to all of (ISC)2 & CompTIA Security+ exam objectives and is presented to you by leading certification instructors who are concise and engaging in their delivery. You will learn both the theory and practical aspects of the technologies as well as gain insight into the industry with their expert instruction. Each class session is presented in full motion audio/video, with step by step demonstrations testing modules to insure that you fully understand the subject matter. You can review each subject as needed to reinforce your knowledge, and access to educational mentors. Exam Simulators are included to fully prepare you for the CISSP certification exam. We have also included the ISC2 Official CISSP Study Guide with our training package

Domain 1 - Access Control
1.1 Access Control Systems Introduction
1.2 Identification
1.3 Authentication
1.4 Authorization
1.5 Access Control Models
1.6 Techniques and Technologies
1.7 Categories and Types
1.8 Access Control Practices
1.9 Access Control Monitoring
1.10 Summary

Domain 2 - Applications Security
1.1 Database Concepts
1.2 Database Models
1.3 Database Integrity
1.4 Database Security Issues
1.5 System Development
1.6 System Development Phases
1.7 Object Oriented Programming
1.8 Cohesion and Coupling
1.9 Application Communication
1.10 Artificial Intelligent Systems
1.11 JAVA and ActiveX
1.12 Application Development Security
1.13 System Attacks
1.14 Summary

Domain 3 - Disaster Recovery
1.1 Reasons for BCP
1.2 Definitions
1.3 Potential Problems
1.4 BCP Controls
1.5 BCP Steps - Initiation
1.6 Phase I - Impact Analysis
1.7 Phase I - Risk Analysis
1.8 Phase I - Maximum Downtime
1.9 Phase I - Definitions
1.10 Phase I - Risk Management Team
1.11 Phase I - Threat Assessment
1.12 Phase I - Risk Analysis Steps
1.13 Phase I - Valuation
1.14 Steps in BCP - Phase II
1.15 Steps in BCP - Phase III
1.16 Remedial Measures
1.17 What to Include in BCP
1.18 Complications
1.19 Testing the BCP
1.20 BCP Stages Reviews
1.21 Summary

Domain 4 - Cryptography
1.1 Cryptosystems Strengths and Goals
1.2 Types of Ciphers
1.3 Government Involvement
1.4 Methods of Encryption
1.5 Symmetric Encryption Systems
1.6 Asymmetrical Encryption Systems
1.7 Public Key Cryptography
1.8 Message Integrity
1.9 Review
1.10 Hashing Algorithms
1.11 One-Time Pad Encryption
1.12 Key Management
1.13 End to End Link Encryption
1.14 Email Encryption
1.15 Internet Encryption Types
1.16 Cryptographic Attacks
1.17 Summary

Domain 5 - Law and Ethics
1.1 Ethics
1.2 Hackers and Crackers
1.3 Crimes and Organizations
1.4 Identification and Prosecution
1.5 Liability and Ramifications
1.6 Types of Laws
1.7 Computer Crime Investigation
1.8 Laws and Investigations
1.9 Summary

Domain 6 - Operations Security
1.1 Administrative Management.
1.2 Accountability
1.3 Product Evaluation
1.4 Change Management Control
1.5 Controlling Software and Hardware
1.6 Media Management
1.7 System Controls
1.8 Trusted Recovery
1.9 Input and Output Controls
1.10 Electronic Mail Security
1.11 How E-Mail Works
1.12 Fax Machine Security
1.13 Hacker Attacks
1.14 Summary

Domain 7 - Physical Security
1.1 Security Threats
1.2 Site Design and Configuration
1.3 Boundary Protection
1.4 Computer Facility Requirements
1.5 Fire Prevention
1.6 Other Facility Considerations
1.7 Personal Access Controls
1.8 Distributed Processing
1.9 Terms and Abbreviations
1.10 Summary

Domain 8 - Security Models
1.1 Computer Architecture
1.2 System Architectures
1.3 Security Models
1.4 Security Modes
1.5 System Evaluation Methods
1.6 Threats
1.7 Summary

Domain 9 - Security Management
1.1 Supporting Administrative Controls
1.2 Fundamental Principles of Security
1.3 Security Definitions
1.4 Approaches to Security Planning
1.5 Risk Management and Analysis
1.6 Policies, Procedures, Standards and Guidelines
1.7 Data Classifications
1.8 Layers of Responsibilities
1.9 Choosing Appropriate Safeguards
1.10 Employee Management
1.11 Summary

Domain 10 - Telecommunications
1.1 The OSI Model
1.2 Layers
1.3 TCP/IP
1.4 IP Address Ranges
1.5 Host to Host
1.6 TCP
1.7 UDP
1.8 Miscellaneous Protocols
1.9 Network Services
1.10 Network Types
1.11 LAN Access Technologies
1.12 LAN Cabling Types
1.13 Cabling Problems
1.14 Medium Access Techniques
1.15 LAN Transmissions
1.16 Physical LAN Topologies
1.17 LAN Devices
1.18 WAN Technologies
1.19 Network Access Controls
1.20 Proxies
1.21 Firewall Architectures
1.22 Dual Homed Host & Honeypot
1.23 IDS
1.24 Network and Resource Availability
1.25 Wireless Networking
1.26 Summary




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