Soft Tissue and Trigger Point Release, Second Edition

Soft Tissue and Trigger Point Release, Second Edition

by Jane Johnson
English | 2019 | ISBN: 1492567620 | 289 Pages | PDF | 42 MB

Soft Tissue and Trigger Point Release, Second Edition, is a practical guide to understanding and applying soft tissue release (STR), including how it can be used to deactivate trigger points and maximize patient outcomes of treatment and rehabilitation. Whether you are a student or a professional, the detailed instruction and numerous photos will help you gain proficiency and confidence in applying these techniques.

Soft Tissue and Trigger Point Release thoroughly explains the differences between the three types of STR-passive (clients do not help), active-assisted (clients and therapists work together), and active (clients do it on their own)-and provides step-by-step descriptions for performing each type. This edition incorporates new content on how soft tissue release may be used to deactivate trigger points, aiding in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain. Additional updates include the following:

More than 150 new photographs and 21 new anatomical illustrations
Guiding arrows overlaid on photos to show the direction in which to apply pressure
Illustrations of trigger points found in 21 muscles
New descriptions of the use of active-assisted STR on the iliotibial band (ITB), infraspinatus, biceps brachii, and triceps
New sections describing how to apply active STR to gluteals, trapezius, scalenes, rhomboid, and pectoral muscles
Instruction for applying passive STR to shoulder adductors
Case studies providing examples of how STR was used with four clients with differing problems

Complementing each technique are information on the key holds, moves, and stances for various muscles and handy reference charts indicating the types of clients and situations for which each technique is particularly useful. The full-color photos depict the locks and stretches, while some of the more difficult techniques are accompanied by photos showing the position of the therapist and a skeletal overlay on the client so you can pinpoint the specific muscle being targeted. The book also explains how to use alternative options-such as massage tools and forearms, fists, and elbows-to protect your hands and thumbs from overuse. Tip boxes offer practical comments on applying the techniques, while Client Talk boxes provide insight into real-world situations.

Soft Tissue and Trigger Point Release also shows you how to incorporate the proper techniques into a treatment program. It guides you through the consultation process and provides examples of initial questions to ask clients and various assessment forms to use in identifying clients' needs. Using case studies and comparisons, you will learn how the data gleaned from clients can guide the design of an effective treatment program.

Soft Tissue and Trigger Point Release, Second Edition, is part of the Hands-On Guides for Therapists series, developed to provide the best clinical and educational resources available for those in bodywork professions.


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