Spelling Made Easy

Spelling Made Easy
Global Software Publishing | English | 2006 | ASIN: B000JQ5276 | ISO | 128,7 mb
In a fun game-show format, Spelling Made Easy will help your students become familiar with spelling rules, exceptions to the rules and patterns. Students will develop strategies for tackling common spelling errors. Intelligent software assesses each student's abilities and then presents tutorial lessons for those topics where special attention is needed. The program also includes a special teacher's section where each student's progress report can be viewed. Working independently with Spelling Made Easy, your students will master spelling, a key building block for writing and communicating effectively!

* Spelling Sounds:
* Consonants
* Vowels
* Combining Letters
* Silent Letters
* Homophones
* Prefixes Suffixes:
* Suffixes
* Ending in E
* Endings
* Doubling Letters:
* Main Rules
* Main Exceptions
* Ending in I
* Plurals:
* Ending in Y
* Ending in O, F and FE
* Adding S and ES
* Punctuation Spelling:
* Apostrophe
* One or more Words
* Hyphens
* Capital Letters
* Key Terms:
* Vowels Consonants
* Long Short Vowels
* Syllables Stresses
* Base Words, Prefixes and Suffixes
* Vowel Consonant Suffixes

Key Features:
* Diagnostic testing
* Intelligent software identifies strengths weaknesses
* Comprehensive individualized progress charts
* Over 1,750 target words
* Easy-to-understand explanations
* Instantaneous feedback in exercises
* Teacher's Section with detailed student records



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