Gregg Valentino's Essentials of Bodybuilding - A Classic Approach for Athletes of All Ages

Gregg Valentino's Essentials of Bodybuilding - A Classic Approach for Athletes of All Ages

English | October 29, 2011 | ISBN: 1469988291 | 274 Pages | MOBI | 5.81 MB

"Gregg Valentino is the KING OF BODYBUILDING!" - Tyra Banks

"Being in the Gym & training with Gregg Valentino is an experience, its kinda like being on stage, it's electrifying and intense" - Grand Master Melle Mel, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame member

"Readers of Muscular Development magazine look up to Gregg Valentino... he has a huge following, that's why I put him in my movie." Chris Bell, Director of the critically-acclaimed film "Bigger, Stronger, Faster"

Gregg Valentino's ESSENTIALS OF BODYBUILDING - A Classic Approach

Essentials of Bodybuilding is bodybuilding taught by the man who trained his way to the largest arms in the world: Gregg Valentino.

With almost forty years of experience in the world of physique building, there is no greater resource when it comes to learning how to build your own physique than from Valentino himself. This is the first time Gregg's secrets have been taken to the printed page and you don't want to miss it. Essentials of Bodybuilding contains everything you need to know to build your body from the ground up or to improve the program you're already using.

Essentials of Bodybuilding Covers:

- Every exercise you need to know to build every muscle in the body.
- A nutrition program to support extreme muscle repair and growth.
- Information on training instinctively, which is the way the pro's train!
- Details on how to train at any age, from teen bodybuilding to your 50's and beyond.
- Gregg's secret exercises for extreme muscle targeting and growth
- Bodybuilding contest training and preparation tips
- Posing detailed by Italian bodybuilding star Alessandro Savi
- Golden-era bodybuilding stories
- BONUS: Excerpts from Gregg's five-star reviewed book Death, Drugs & Muscle


[Fast Download] Gregg Valentino's Essentials of Bodybuilding - A Classic Approach for Athletes of All Ages

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