Pawn Structure Chess

Pawn Structure Chess

1995 | 362 Pages | ISBN: 0812925297 | PDF | 11 MB

Some 250 years ago, the great Philidor wrote, ''The pawns are the soul of chess.'' Although that statement is perhaps the most common cliche in the literature of the game, it is too often misunderstood.Pawns are usually considered weak because of their limited range of movement. But the pawns' restricted mobility is precisely what makes them so important strategically: they form a semi-permanent structure -- often called a ''pawn skeleton'' -- that establishes the territorial lines of the coming battle and thus the nature of the battle itself. Understanding how pawns affect strategy is the subject of this important book. In it you will learn: -- how to handle the characteristic pawn structure of each opening ''family'' and each major variation -- how to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of pawn chains -- when to exchange pawns in the center -- and when not to -- how to cramp your opponent's position and what to do if your opponent cramps yours -- how to create and exploit pawn ''holes''...and much, much more, all copiously illustrated by complete games from actual play.


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