Tai Chi - The 24 Forms

Tai Chi - The 24 Forms
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Dr. Lam and some of his assistants in this DVD have won medals in China in Tai Chi competition. This reflects their standardness and conformity to the Yang style. If you want the standard stuff, and are not willing to settle for watered-down, careless, or altered versions, this is it. This will show you the Yang Short Form as true to its original developers. I have not had any instruction in karate or any martial art, but was able to follow the individual form presentations fine without having to go to the final demonstration.

I believe that much thought and care was put into the development of the forms to the end of maximizing the benefits to the flow of Chi in different parts of the body, with the attendant health benefits. Departing from or altering the forms could cut across the gains to be had from this. So I say be as standard as possible to reap the full benefits of Tai Chi.

I looked at several other Tai Chi DVDs. Some of them were at a lower level than the Yang Short Form. One of them was at a higher level showing 48 forms. The Yang Short Form was developed with the idea of having a set of forms that pretty much the whole population of China could do on a daily basis. The intention was to cut down on health care costs by promoting the preventative health care benefits of Tai Chi. So they needed high participation, and they couldn't make it difficult to learn. They also couldn't have it take much time. It takes only 4 - 6 minutes.

Leading practitioners of Tai Chi were given the job of sifting through the larger body of Tai Chi forms and practices to come up with a set of exercise forms that would maximize health benefits in a short period of time. I respect the product of this work, and wanted to stay as close to it as possible. If you think this may be too much for you to start with, ask yourself "Do I think I can understand and apply as well as 80% of the Chinese population?" You probably can. If you think so, don't start out with a lower level "beginning" DVD. As far as a higher level, you can go on to that once you have this down.

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