Stoicism: A Beginner's Guide To The History & Philosophy Of Stoicism

Stoicism: A Beginner's Guide To The History & Philosophy Of Stoicism

2016 | 70 Pages | ISBN: 1537623125 | EPUB | 1 MB

Learn About The History & Philosophy Of Stoicism - & How To Apply Its Principles To Your Everyday Life The ancient Philosophy of Stoicism is currently experiencing somewhat of a revival in 21st century popular culture, mainly because of its rational and logical approach to the challenges of our time. There has been a proliferation of Stoic references in modern movies and fiction; further increasing its popularity amongst a younger section of society, which would normally not be interested in an apparently pure academic pursuit such as the study of Philosophy. This book will provide you, the prospective student of Stoic Philosophy, with a broader understanding of the people and forces which combined to create one of the most enduring and influential Philosophies of all time. Furthermore, we'll explore how you can apply Stoic principles to your everyday life - and how this will help you develop your character, stay calm in the face of adversity and achieve greater success in your life. During The Course Of This Book You Will Learn About:The Origins of Stoicism Zeno of Citium and the First School of Stoicism Zeneca the Younger Epictetus and the Discourses The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius Stoicism's Influence On Roman Life and Thought Stoic Philosophy Today Applying Stoic Principles to Your Everyday LifeAnd more! Begin Your Journey To Stoic Mastery!


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