Strength Training (4 Books in 1)

Strength Training (4 Books in 1)

English | April 20, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B087FGVS78 | 440 Pages | EPUB | 5.98 MB

You Are A Click Away From Learning How To Take Your Strength Training And Muscle Building Regime To The Next Level By Leveraging The Power Of Muscle Building, Muscle Relaxation And A Vegan Diet To Your Advantage!

Imagine being able to get the most of your workouts and nutrition, and building muscle consistently every single day because you finally understand HOW TO EXERCISE and HOW TO EAT to maximize your gains! And imagine being able to deal with sore muscles, joint mains and more using the most effective muscle relaxation techniques...
This is truly the dream of every fitness enthusiast, every bodybuilder, athlete and every beginner to muscle training- but tell you what?
This 4 in 1 book is here to make sure of that!
So if you've been asking yourself:
How should I work out to have maximum muscle gains?
How should I eat to burn fat and maintain that dream physique?
What is the best muscle relaxation technique that I can perform by myself?
What do I need to know before preparing my meals or stepping into the gym to get the most each?
And more...
Prepare to get educated, inspired and motivated by this simple, insightful and comprehensive beginners' book.
Here's a small bit of what you'll find in it:
What progressive muscle relaxation entails and how it worksHow to practice progressive muscle relaxation and how you can benefit from itWhat research says about relaxation techniques, including the side effects and risks to noteHow to reduce tension with progressive muscle relaxation, including using natural muscle relaxersThe difference between self-hypnosis and progressive muscle relaxationThe pro tips and instructions of performing muscle relaxation techniquesHow to get started with muscle building: determining your training volume and frequencyWhat muscle stimulation means in practice, including how to tell when an exercise is stimulating a muscleHow to remain motivated to achieve a target muscle massThe best tips to building muscle, including mistakes to avoidHow to eat right to build muscle effectivelyHow to work out muscles of the chest, back, quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, arm, shoulder and the abdomen the right wayHow to implement the vegan bodybuilding dietWhat the best sources of vegan protein, healthy carbs and complex carbs areThe vegan menu for bodybuildersHow to create a vegan bodybuilding meal planHow much you should eatHow to cook tasty and nutritious vegan goodWhat to eat and avoidBenefits of vegan bodybuilding dietHow to supplement

    ...And so much more!
    What's more; the book takes a beginner friendly approach to ensure you have an easy time putting what you learn into practice!
    You will wish you had started earlier!


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