Strigolactones - Biology and Applications

Strigolactones - Biology and Applications

English | ISBN: 3030121526 | 2019 | 198 Pages | EPUB, PDF | 21 MB

This book describes the exciting biology and chemistry of strigolactones. Outgrowth of shoot branches? Development of lateral roots? Interactions with beneficial microorganisms? Avoiding parasitic plants? Responding to drought conditions? These important "decisions" that plants make are all regulated by a group of hormones called strigolactones.

The latest research has yielded a number of new biological concepts, such as a redefinition of plant hormones and their crosstalk, new functional diversity of receptors, hormonal "smoke and mirrors," core signaling pathways, and even phloem transport of receptor proteins. Another important aspect of strigolactones is the related synthetic chemistry, which could pave the way for a variety of potential applications in agriculture and medicine.

The book explains in detail the role that strigolactones play in plant development, and addresses the interaction of plants with soil biota and abiotic stress conditions, prospects of strigolactone biochemistry and evolution, and chemical synthesis of natural strigolactones and analogs, together with their potential applications. Including a glossary and end-of-chapter synopses to aid in comprehension, it offers a valuable asset for teachers, lecturers and (post-) graduate students in biology, agronomy and related areas..


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