Strokes Easy Learning Russian

Strokes Easy Learning Russian
Publisher Strokes International | date 14 Nov 2007 | ASIN 370870391X | ISO | 350 mb

STROKES Easy Learning will not only teach you the basics of a foreign language in a very short time, it will also guide you all the way down the path to total command of a foreign language.

The STROKES language learning software is a complete all-in-one package that includes all the tools a language learner needs. A context related vocabulary trainer, a dictionary, and a complete grammar complement the set of 300 real-life dialogues and 36 types of multimedia exercises.

There is no language that you can't learn. EASY LEARNING uses the advantages of modern computer technologies and has developed advanced learning techniques that make foreign languages very accessible, even to the not so talented.

The series 100 is a complete language course for beginners with no previous knowledge of the language. Master the basics of a new language, and continue to develop far into the intermediate level. Command proficiency and have the ability to fully express yourself in any daily situation. You get everything you need for your total immersion in the new language. The product includes: 100 Dialogues covering everyday situations, travel and profession, a pronunciation trainer, a vocabulary trainer, a wide variety of exercises, a complete grammar, a context-based dictionary, a virtual printable book, a video animated help system, an audio CD. The product comes in a high quality packaging with a slipcase.

The fully cross-linked language courses from STROKES are one of a kind. Every sentence and every word in the practical dialogues provide both natural and literal translations. In addition, each individual word is linked to a specific grammar explanation. Verbs are directly linked to a conjugation chart. Study vocabulary and grammar in the direct context of a dialogue.

Natural translations of sentences are translations that are written exactly the way you would express something in English. You need natural translations to immediately understand what is meant in all parts of your language course. Literal translations of words and sentences are translations that follow the structure and grammar rules of the foreign language. You need literal translations to immediately understand how a native speaker thinks and expresses himself, which is frequently completely different from English. The major benefit of natural and literal translations is that they enable you to learn with direct comparison to your mother tongue, which makes you understand and progress much faster.

What makes learning effective and fun with STROKES language courses is that you use the 5 different learning channels of reading, hearing, writing, speaking and picture association in a variety of 36 types of exercises.

The Vocabulary Trainer STROKES language courses come with an intelligent vocabulary trainer, which you can use to review all the words of a single dialogue at a time, a combination of dialogues or for all the dialogues you have learned. By integrating the vocabulary trainer in your daily lesson plan, you ensure that you never forget the words you have already learnt as you go along.

The Grammar Trainer STROKES language courses include a complete grammar with examples from the real-life dialogues. Each grammar topic is linked to the dialogues, which allows you to learn and review grammar topics one by one and by direct reference to the sentences of the dialogues in which the topics occur.

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