SuperMemo UX ?Extreme English ?Grammar and Idioms in Use ?New Edition 2010

Extreme English ?Grammar and Idioms in Use ?New Edition
SuperMemo UX | 2010 | English | ISO | 629.14 mb

The English Grammar Idioms in Use course is a set of 7,400 exercises on subjects that are most difficult for learners of English. It contains 4 components: English Grammar, English Idioms, Irregular Verbs, Phrasal Verbs.
The English Grammar course serves as an excellent help for all learners of English. The course contains over 3,000 exercises which facilitate mastering the use of English grammar structures. Tasks are ordered thematically and gathered in 10 lessons of ascending level of difficulty. It is a perfect way to understand and become fluent in using grammar structures once and for all, at the same time not wasting time for boring theory.
The English Idioms course comprises almost 3,500 English idioms. The idioms are ordered from the most popular to the most surprising. The exercises are based on definitions that lead to correct idioms. The answer mode of the exercise also provides a context sentence for each idiom, which is an excellent feature of the course.
The Phrasal Verbs course teaches 400 English Phrasal verbs. The course is intended for self-learners of the language from the pre-intermediate to the advanced level. The verbs are divided into four groups according to their level. The exercises consist in providing the correct phrasal verb on the basis of a definition that is displayed by the program. The answer mode also includes a sample sentence that applies the phrasal verb in context.
The Irregular Verbs course contains almost 500 exercises for effective learning of past forms of English irregular verbs. The course is intended for self-learners of the language from the pre-intermediate to the advanced level. The verbs are grouped according to their frequency in the language. They are also applied in sentences, which helps to remember and use them correctly.
Features of the package:
?SuperMemo UX for vocabulary training, based on the SuperMemo method of repetition that has received numerous awards and whose effectiveness has been proven by research,
?learning based on exercises that teach practical language use, instead of tedious study of grammatical rules,
?English Grammar course that contains over 3,000 exercises and is of invaluable help to those who would like to perfect their grammar skills at all levels of English,
?English Idioms course that comprises 3,500 English idioms, with examples of use in sentences, allowing the user to understand the language of native speakers,
?Phrasal Verbs course that teaches 400 English phrasal verbs, with practical examples,
?Irregular Verbs course that include almost 500 exercises teaching irregular past forms of English verbs,
?increasing level of difficulty ?the exercises are ordered from the easiest to the most advanced,
?pronunciation trainer that analyses and evaluates the accent, intonation and other important speech parameters,
?recordings by British native speakers.
Content of the package:
?7,400 exercises
?10 hours of recordings
All the definitions and instructions in the course are in British English. If a word has a popular American English equivalent or spelling, it is listed among the synonyms. All the words and definitions in the course have been recorded by British native speakers.

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[Fast Download] SuperMemo UX ?Extreme English ?Grammar and Idioms in Use ?New Edition 2010

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