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Supermemo Extreme English | 2010 | NRG | 1,9 GB
Words and phrases in Extreme English! are presented in the form of questions and answers. In the Basic English collections, your task is to give the English translation of a phrase which is presented in German, English, Czech, Russian, Polish or Finnish, depending on your chosen language version. In Advanced English, the questions are definitions of English words. In the Power Words! collection your task is to give an answer based on the definition or a synonym of a word.

All English texts in Extreme English! are illustrated with recordings of English speakers (American pronunciation model). You can record your own pronunciation and compare it with the pronunciation of the speaker. The recordings in Basic English represent both British and American pronunciation models.

Extreme English! is equipped with a voice control system which recognizes English voice commands. It can be used to activate program options and control the training process without using the keyboard. We recommend the use of headphones for maximum convenience.

The Extreme English! training content, coupled with the functionality of SuperMemo software, is a perfect way to learn English words and phrases effectively. By making regular reviews (as scheduled by SuperMemo), you can keep previously learned information in your memory and concentrate on learning new vocabulary. Extreme English! includes 3 separate vocabulary collections described below:

Extreme English! features:

* available on DVD, contains over 45,000 English words and phrases, covering all difficulty levels from basic through highly advanced
* supports voice-controlled learning (keyboard-free and mouse-free operation)
* vocabulary is organized by subject, including life, culture, science, economics, and other areas
* presents vocabulary in the form of questions and answers with definitions, usage examples or synonyms, which enables you to develop your vocabulary actively
* in the Basic English collection, each phrase is illustrated with recordings of English speakers (you can choose between British and American recordings)

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