Surface and Interface Science, Volumes 7 and 8

Surface and Interface Science, Volumes 7 and 8

English | ISBN: 3527411593 | 2019 | 1008 Pages | PDF | 41 MB

In ten volumes, this unique handbook covers all fundamental aspects of surface and interface science and offers a comprehensive overview of this research area for scientists working in the field, as well as an introduction for newcomers.

Volume 1: Concepts and Methods
Volume 2: Properties of Elemental Surfaces
Volume 3: Properties of Composite Surfaces: Alloys, Compounds, Semiconductors
Volume 4: Solid-Solid Interfaces and Thin Films
Volume 5: Solid-Gas Interfaces I
Volume 6: Solid-Gas Interfaces II
Volume 7: Liquid and Biological Interfaces
Volume 8: Interfacial Electrochemistry
Volume 9: Applications of Surface Science I
Volume 10: Applications of Surface Science II

Content of Volumes 7 & 8:
* Probing Liquid/Solid Interfaces at the Molecular Level
* Structure and Dynamics of Liquid-Solid Interfaces
* Adsorption of Biomolecules
* Liquid Surfaces
* Surfaces of Ionic Liquids
* Superhydrophobicity
* Cell Penetrating Peptides Targeting and Distorting Biological Membranes
* Theory of Solid/Electrolyte Interfaces
* Metal/Electrolyte Interfaces: An Atomic View
* X-Ray Spectroscopy at Electro-Catalytic Interfaces
* Fundamental Aspects of Electro-Catalysis
* Non-Linear Processes at Solid/Liquid Interfaces


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