TTC - Modern Economic Issues [Audio]

TTC - Modern Economic Issues [Audio]
The Teaching Company | ISBN: N/a | 2004 | MP3 | 752 mb
How do the major economic issues that dominate today's news!questions about gross domestic product or budget deficits or trade imbalances!impact the average citizen? Why are health insurance and college tuition increasingly expensive? What can be done about soaring energy prices?
In Modern Economic Issues, Professor Robert Whaples has crafted a course designed to answer just these sorts of questions!a primer in 21st-century economics for the non-economist. He first presents the results of a survey of professional economists around the country on what they consider today's most urgent economic issues!the ones all of us most need to understand. Professor Whaples then puts his award-winning teaching skills to work to shape an accessible course, explaining not only those urgent issues but also the raw data economists use to describe their shape and impact.
The result is a course that finally makes the connection between the economics you may have studied in school and the economics of the lives we experience every day.
Course Lecture Titles
1. What Economists Know and Don¨t Know About Economic Policy
2. Economy Up or Down? How to Tell
3. Economists' Views of the Future
4. Productivity and Productivity Growth
5. Inflation!Why the Measure Matters
6. Unemployment!How the U.S. Differs from Europe
7. Economic Inequality
8. The Fallacy of Trade Barriers
9. Trade Imbalances and Saving
10. Budget Deficits!Historical and Future Perspectives
11. Taxes and the Income Tax Code
12. Rx for Social Security
13. Mitigating the Economic Concerns of an Aging Population
14. Financing World Class Health Care
15. Supply, Demand, and the Future of Oil
16. Pollution!Tax or Trade?
17. Global Climate Change!Costs and Benefits
18. Minimum Wages and Poverty Rate
19. It Pays to Be Married
20. Pay Gaps by Sex and Race
21. Economic Impact of Immigration
22. Labor Unions!Contemporary Role in the U.S. Economy
23. Productivity Trends in Schools
24. Higher Education: Supply and Demand
25. Wal-Mart and Productivity Growth
26. Corporate Governance in a Successful Economy
27. Zero-Sum Game of Conspicuous Consumption
28. Economic Upside of Postal Reforms
29. Standard Market Practices!Can They Be Applied Everywhere?
30. Economics of the Baseball Industry
31. Examining Economic Response to Terrorism
32. Helping Poor Countries
33. Economic Upsides and Downsides of Urban Sprawl
34. Economic Costs and Benefits of Gambling
35. Economists¨ View of Overeating
36. American Economy in the 21st Century

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