Taking Sex Differences Seriously

Taking Sex Differences Seriously
Publisher: Encounter Books (2005-05-25) | ISBN:159403091X | PDF | 1.42 M | 362 pages
Rhoads' book appears to be the result of exhaustive research and honesty in a field where there are normally strong biases. Although his foundational presuppositions are thoroughly Darwinist, as an advocate of intelligent design, I was able to agree with Rhoads' conclusions. In other words, rather than buying into his claims that gender differences are the result of imprinting at a significant stage in our evolutionary journey to homo sapiens, I was able to see the beauty of intelligent design intentionally creating men and women in many ways similar, but for good reason in some ways different. By brushing aside the egalitarian and feminist arguments based solely on emotion and political views, Rhoads asked questions of the scientific data to investigate which gender-based differences are results of nature and which are results of nurture. I'd even recommend this book for feminists, just so they can have a lucid example of claims made against some of their presuppositions. Bottom line: you'll learn, and you won't waste your money.


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