Talker Quality in Human and Machine Interaction

Talker Quality in Human and Machine Interaction

English | EPUB | 2020 | 155 Pages | ISBN : 3030227685 | 2.38 MB

The book discusses subjective ratings of quality and preference of unknown voices and dialog partners - their likability, for example. Human natural and artificial voices are studied in passive listening and interactive scenarios. In this book, the background, state of research, and contributions to the assessment and prediction of talker quality that is constituted in voice perception and in dialog are presented. Starting from theories and empirical findings from human interaction, major results and approaches are transferred to the domain of human-computer interaction (HCI).
The main objective of this book is to contribute to the evaluation of spoken interaction in humans and between humans and computers, and in particular to the quality subsequently attributed to the speaking system or person based on the listening and interactive experience.

Provides a comprehensive overview of research in evaluation of speakers and dialog partners;
Presents recent results on the relevance of a first passive and interactive impression;
Includes human and HCI evaluation results from a communicative perspective.


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