Tantra Unveiled

Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, quot;Tantra Unveiledquot;
Himalayan Institute | 2007 | ISBN: 0893891584 | 138 pages | File type: PDF | 1,3 mb
This powerful book describes authentic tantra, what distinguishes it from other spiritual paths, and how the tantric way combines hath yoga, meditation, visualization, Ayurveda, and other disciplines. Taking us back to ancient times, Pandit Tigunait shares his experiences with tantric masters and the techniques they taught him. Tantra Unveiled is most valuable for those who wish to live the essence of tantra: practicing spirituality while experiencing a rich outer life.

Summary: Lovely Overview of Tantra
Rating: 5

This book is very easy to read. It is also very interesting and you'll probably read it in one breath, or rather in a day - without putting the book down.

I am delighted that this book was written. It brings to light Tantra which is very different than the kind popularized in the West.

The author shares a few stories about the powers developed by genuine tantrik masters. Not that one has go after any powers - the powers simply unfold even spontaneously in an individual who is practicing quot;mergingquot; or rather quot;at-one-mentquot; with the Infinite, whatever form It may take.

Few practices are mentioned and what is mentioned is more for the purpose of giving the reader a taste of it, rather than as a means of complete practice. On the other hand, even though methods, techniques and rituals in their fullness are not disclosed and the authors states that they are transmitted directly from teacher to student - those who are familiar even with Western esoteric tradition, with cultivation of Sexual Energy from Taoist tradition, and have been practicing meditation for the purpose of experiencing Oneness with the Infinite - will find similarities.

The author appropriately mentions that nothing gets an individual so interested to explore further than having an actual experience of quot;powerquot;. I fully agree - but the example which is offered in this book as something that is supposed to pre the reader with the quot;speedyquot; experience of power (as a remedy for calming phobia, nightmares or disturbed sleep) takes about 120 days to complete - the first 3 steps of this method are each to be done for 40 days. While repeating Gayatri mantra thousands of times and drawing Om Namah Shivaya has many other benefits - I can think of many other ways of getting rid of phobias, nightmares or disturbed sleep in one day (including self-hypnosis and NLP) as opposite to 120 days. At least among the numerous powers listed to be obtained in the initial practices of tantra - even whether to create a change in oneself of in other, I can also think of many other ways of creating such effects in a day or a couple of days, instead of 120 days. I have been working with Om Namah Shivaya mantra for too long to be a fair judge regarding how much time it takes to become aware of its effectiveness, but come to think of it - at least as far as fears and phobias go, there are numerous people to whom I suggested to use Om Namah Shivaya mantra and all of them have experienced practically instant results.

This book, short as it is, does give enough hints to help you to actually experience some effects of using few mantras and it gives few more hints if you want to proceed along this path.


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