The Banned Lecture: Gilles de Rais

The Banned Lecture: Gilles de Rais

English | ISBN: 1890399396 | 2011 | 28 Pages | EPUB | 566 KB

This lecture written by Mr. Crowley uses the infamous "child murderer" and practitioner of "black magical arts" Gilles de Rais as yet another victim of "Catholic logic" and the foul wish-phantasms generated of its repressions, and of its fear and ignorance. Thus, Gilles wanted to confer a boon on humanity; therefore he consorted with the learned; therefore he murdered little children. Needless to say, Oxford professors were not impressed. It was to be delivered before the Oxford University Poetry Society by Mr. Crowley on the evening of Monday, February 3rd, 1930. The delivery miscarried, thus the fine babe you now find offered for your enjoyment. A tour de force in Mr. Crowley's always incisive and often exasperating wit. This edition has been authorized by the Ordo Templi Orientis.


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