The Best Book On How To Barefoot Run

The Best Book On How To Barefoot Run

English | September 20, 2011 | ISBN: 1614640068 | EPUB | 64 Pages | 0.99 MB

A How-To Guide For Safely Transitioning To Barefoot Running And Movement Training

What's In The Book

An 8-week training timeline with scheduled exercises, run times, ramp-up exertions, and scheduled down times.
Links to videos of low impact activities, stretches, and exercises for overall fitness.
Techniques that minimize over-use injuries and optimize over-all health benefits.
An overview of the barefoot running world including the best blogs, web and social networking sites, apps, organizations, and minimalist running shoes.

Chapter Overview

Step 1: The Top Concepts You Need To Take From This Book.
Step 2: Short Look At Bipedalism.
Step 3: Why Barefoot?
Step 4: How To Start Barefoot Running.
Step 5: How To Get Connected With Others.
Step 6: Which Minimalist Shoe Would Work For You.
Step 7: Barefoot Walking & Running Techniques.
Step 8: How To Cross Train For Barefoot.
Step 9: How To Restore Soft Tissues.
Step 10: The Barefoot Training Schedule.
Step 11: Nutrition
Step 12: Supportive Technology

Here Are Some Of The Specific Things You'll Learn

Pros and cons of how shoes affect our feet.
Why shoes can lead to bad movement habits.
Why our bodies change and adapt due to posture.
What is Hallux Valgus and how does it create bunions?
The dos and don'ts of barefooting.
The complexity of the foot structure.
How the foot absorbs shock.
Why proper barefooting technique uses all the body's joints to absorb force instead of one.
Why running/walking speed changes affects pain issues.
Safe guidelines for beginning barefooting.
The "short foot" technique, used for strengthening your arches.
6 stretching self-assessments to find the tight points that need extra attention.
5 activities to do to improve your balance.
What to look out for while running!
Resources for meeting barefoot running groups.
Some information about minimalist footwear.
The barefoot walking/running technique
A sequence of 8 Warm-Up moves.
6 strength raining moves.
Diaphragmatic breathing technique
How to use a foam roller or tennis ball for soft-tissue work
How to build up your body over the course of an 8 week program.
Nutrition recommendations.
3 Smart Phone apps designed to improve your running performance.
A list of blogs and websites for discussing and learning more about barefooting.


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