The Big Fat Book of Juicy Trivia

The Big Fat Book of Juicy Trivia: Mind-blowing Facts And True Stories About Anything!

English | October 3, 2020 | ISBN: 1648450687 | 273 Pages | AZW3 | 0.50 MB

Want to impress your coworkers at the next after-work? Need to think of something interesting to do at the next family gathering? Want to learn a bunch of random facts about history, science, true crime, and everything in between?
Pick up The Big Fat Book of Juicy Trivia, your ultimate source of interesting facts about a wide range of diverse topics. This book is truly a quick read packed with information from cover to cover.
In this amazing trivia book, you will findout:Was martial arts expert and action film star Bruce Lee the victim of a curse?How did the guillotine become France's execution method?What is the Mokele-mbeme?Did famous American bank robber John Dillinger survive his shootout with the FBI?Do some people have a natural immunity to HIV/AIDs?

    The Big Fat Book of Juicy Trivia is not some boring book packed with useless facts, but it's an engaging reference guide that brings to life some of the strangest and most fascinating aspects of our planet, and beyond!
    The book is designed for the busy person, so you can pick it up at your convenience, read a quick story, and then go about your business.
    Whether you just like to learn new things that aren't normally taught in school, of if you're honing your skills for trivia challenges, you'll definitely find this book entertaining and useful.
    Some of these stories are ripped from the headlines, while others come from the history books, and some are just simply random, but you're sure to find plenty in here that will keep you reading!


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