The Book of Seals & Amulets

The Book of Seals & Amulets

English | 2017 | ISBN: 0620596988 | 508 Pages | PDF | 17.5 MB

The "Shadow Tree Series" comprises a unique collection of Western Esoteric studies and practices which Jacobus G. Swart, spiritual successor to William G. Gray and co-founder of the Sangreal Sodality, has actuated and taught over a period of forty years. "The Book of Seals & Amulets" comprises a comprehensive investigation into the meaning and relevance of Celestial Alphabets, Magical Seals, Magic Squares, Divine and Angelic Names, etc., as well as their employment in Hebrew Amulets in order to benefit personal wellbeing in a most significant manner. Continuing the standards set in "The Book of Self Creation" and "The Book of Sacred Names," Jacobus Swart offers detailed instruction on the contents and construction of Hebrew Amulets. He again consulted the enormous array of relevant primary Hebrew literature, large sections of which are available to an English readership for the first time.


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