The Brain Health & Better Memory Book

The Brain Health & Better Memory Book

English | 2015 | ISBN: 0692392211 | 176 Pages | PDF | 2 MB
The Brain Health and Better Memory Book asks you if any of the following questions sounds familiar?

Where did I put my keys?

Why did I come into this room?

What was her name?

Where did I park the car?

Why do I keep forgetting?

Most of us will experience some type of decline in mental sharpness, focus, and memory as we age. This can result in any number of problems including: forgetfulness, moodiness, insomnia, lack of problem solving skills, and an inability to communicate effectively.

When brain health deterioration becomes more severe it can lead to issues such as Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and the problems associated with it including confusion, difficultly understanding visual images, changes in personality, trouble remembering, hallucinations, and lack of judgment.

Your brain plays a major role in almost everything you do including thinking, feeling, communicating, breathing, remembering, working, playing, sleeping, etc. Vital to the quality of your life therefore, is maintaining or improving the health of your brain.

This book will identify the issues that cause a reduction in brain fitness and memory, explaining how each impacts your brain and then offer ideas, tips, and tools to optimize the health of your brain.


How to improve focus and concentration

What degrades your memory and how to improve it

How to prevent or slow down the onset of dementia and Alzheimer's

Which supplements and foods support a healthy brain

How genetics and biology affect your brain health

And much more!


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