The Electron Capture Detector and the Study of Reactions with Thermal Electrons

The Electron Capture Detector and the Study of Reactions with Thermal Electrons

2004 | 412 Pages | ISBN: 0471326224 | PDF | 4 MB

Broad in scope, this book describes the general theory and practice of using the Electron Capture Detector (ECD) to study reactions of thermal electrons with molecules. It reviews electron affinities and thermodynamic and kinetic parameters of atoms, small molecules, and large organic molecules obtained by using various methods. * Summarizes other methods for studying reactions of thermal electrons with molecules * Discusses applications in analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, and biochemistry * Provides a data table of electron affinitiesContent: Chapter 1 Scope and History of the Electron (pages 1-7): Chapter 2 Definitions, Nomenclature, Reactions, and Equations (pages 8-21): Chapter 3 Thermal Electron Reactions at the University of Houston (pages 22-46): Chapter 4 Theoretical Basis of the Experimental Tools (pages 47-74): Chapter 5 Experimental Procedures and Data Reduction (pages 75-102): Chapter 6 Complementary Experimental and Theoretical Procedures (pages 103-138): Chapter 7 Consolidating Experimental, Theoretical, and Empirical Data (pages 139-167): Chapter 8 Selection, Assignment, and Correlations of Atomic Electron Affinities (pages 168-192): Chapter 9 Diatomic and Triatomic Molecules and Sulfur Fluorides (pages 193-233): Chapter 10 Negative Ions of Organic Molecules (pages 234-265): Chapter 11 Thermal Electrons and Environmental Pollutants (pages 266-295): Chapter 12 Biologically Significant Molecules (pages 296-328):


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