The Electronics Course: Circuit Analysis and Design Illustrated

The Electronics Course: Circuit Analysis and Design Illustrated

English | June 4, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B089M43V6Q | 436 Pages | Rar (PDF, AZW3) | 8.64 MB

Learning the subject of electricity and electronics through the study of this course book is tremendously more beneficial than simply purchasing and reading the book on your own. This course book provides many advantages including:a)A step by step approach presenting a series of lessons, which are bite-sized pieces of information taken from the book. b)The lessons act like a trail or a "road to knowledge" with a definite beginning and a finite end. This prevents possible frustration of the reader from aimlessly reading the book or getting overwhelmed by the enormity of the subject.c)Solutions to many of the end of chapter problems provide an excellent check-out to the reader's comprehension of the material.d)A streamlined approach to learning electricity/electronics, which takes irrelevant materials off the direct path of achieving the final goal of total comprehension.e)Author's numerous comments, exercises and summary adds clarity and understanding and brings simplification to a very complicated subject.f)CD-ROM Download provides a powerful interactive software for circuit analysis or design.Intended AudienceThe course book is intended for the practicing engineer, the professional scientist or any individual who desires a workable knowledge and intuitive understanding of electricity and/or electronics. The course book presents the material from a very practical point of view and the use of higher mathematics is minimized. It is highly recommended for any technical or non-technical person who would like to gain a deeper insight and understanding as well as a broader knowledge of electronics.


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