The Exodus Reality: Unearthing the Real History of Moses, Identifying the Pharaohs, and Examining the Exodus from Egypt (repost

The Exodus Reality: Unearthing the Real History of Moses, Identifying the Pharaohs, and Examining the Exodus from Egypt (repost

English | ISBN: 1601632916 | 2013 | EPUB | 288 Pages | 13,7 MB

"The character of Moses and the topic of the Exodus are historical enigmas that have given rise to entire branches of Egyptological study and research for centuries. I applaud Scotty Roberts and John Ward for their research and contribution to this study. While there exist many different opinions and conclusions to these matters, their efforts represent a passion and scholarly approach to the topic. I am honored to endorse The Exodus Reality."
-Erich von Daniken, author of History Is Wrong and Evidence of the Gods

"An intriguing narrative, The Exodus Reality sifts through the sands of time as it reveals some shadowy aspects of the ancient Egyptian New Kingdom. In true Indiana Jones style, Roberts and Ward take the reader on a personal journey of exploration, skillfully weaving powerful themes upon clear emotional expression, as they attempt to expose the real identity of the figurative Moses and uncover the epic events surrounding the biblical Exodus. A complementary blend of scripture, ancient legends, history, and archaeology, it will stir your curiosity."
-Lorraine Evans, Egyptologist and best-selling author of Kingdom of the Ark

In this groundbreaking work, the authors reexamine humanity's most enduring account of bondage, emancipation, and freedom. The Great Exodus is the story of how one man, empowered by divine epiphany, brought the mighty ancient kingdom of Egypt to its knees. For thousands of years, this story has bolstered the faithful of three major religions, though little historical data confirms it. So the question must be asked: Did it ever really happen?

Roberts, a historian and theologian, and Ward, an archaeologist, Egyptologist, and anthropologist, dig deeply into historical records to answer the most vexing questions:

Is there any historical evidence for the biblical account of the Great Exodus?
Was Moses a real person?
Where is the Biblical Mount Sinai?
What is the Ark of the Covenant, and where did it come from?
Why did Moses write about the Serpent and the Nephilim?
Is there a Templar and Masonic connection to the events and personages in the story?

Did the Exodus take place under Amenhotep II or Amenhotep III, two pharaohs of the same royal house separated by two generations and 80-odd years? Or were Thutmoses III, Hatshepsut, and Amenhotep Son of Hapu at the core of the action? The authors present two opposing, yet strangely interlaced historical accounts for the Exodus, naming the historical pharaohs and surprising candidates for the historical Moses. While Roberts presents an account that finds its moorings in the efficacy of scriptural historicity, Ward presents a new and completely unique theory for the Exodus and its cast of characters.


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