The Gunnplexer cookbook: A microwave primer for radio amateurs electronic students

Robert M Richardson, "The Gunnplexer cookbook: A microwave primer for radio amateurs electronic students"
Ham Radio Publishing Group | 1981 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B001RZCXES, B000ZPMZYY, B0006XTRJG | 335 pages | File type: PDF | 11,7 mb
The Gunnplexer Cookbook is written for the vhf/uhf radio amateur
or electronics student who has at least modest experience assem-
bling vhf converter or receiver kits. The only test equipment
required is a grid-dip meter, VTVM or multimeter, a standard
broadcast fm receiver, an ordinary TV set, and a good quality
high-frequency communications receiver that covers 400 kHz to
30 MHz.
It is much easier to design and build a high-gain video i-f if
you have access to a sweep generator and oscilloscope for final
alignment. Most amateurs, however, do not have this test equip-
ment available; therefore, the video i-f stages presented in
Chapter 15 may be aligned using only a grid-dip oscillator and
an fm broadcast receiver. An additional caveat is that, for the
same reasons, no machining of the original Gunnplexer/horn
antenna module will be necessary.
I have tried to present the subjects in such a way that an
isolated vhf/uhf enthusiast, working alone, without help, can
build the modules described. At the same time I have tried not to
overburden the microwave old-timer who built his first 10-GHz
polaplexer transceiver 25 years ago. The line between too much
and too little detail is difficult to tread; the reader is asked to be
forgiving when the line is too much one way or the other.


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