The Hidden Body Language Of Flirting: Learn To Read Your Love Interests, Friends, And Coworkers

The Hidden Body Language Of Flirting: Learn To Read Your Love Interests, Friends, And Coworkers

English | ASIN: B00A92IRRM | 2015 | 45 Pages | EPUB | 0.1 MB

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With This Book You Will Learn:
How To Read Attraction Signals
How to change your body language to increase your chances of being approached
How to tell if a male is displaying attraction signals
How to tell if a female is displaying attraction signals
Have you ever met someone for the first time and instantly felt a connection? Have you ever felt "butterflies" in your stomach when meeting someone only a few minutes? Have you ever seen someone from a distance and known you would get along These "gut feelings" that you are experiencing are all related to the body language of the person you are viewing. Within the first ten seconds of meeting a new person, before they even have a chance to open their
mouth, we subconsciously make a decision whether or not we are attracted to that person. This book will teach you how to read the body language of your romantic interests, friends, and coworkers. We will teach you how to pick up the signals of romantic interest in your life. Learn how to read who is attracted to you and the signals that they will display. Never be rejected again, as you will know if a person likes you well before you ask them out. Learn how to exhibit flirtatious body language that will make yourself more attractive to the opposite sex. Many people have poor body language and send bad signals to the opposite sex. This leads to confusion and a missed romantic opportunity, especially if they feel attracted to you but never felt the
connection because of your body language.

We will teach you how to change your own body language so you can become a more warm and inviting person. We will teach you how to maximize social interactions by displaying welcoming signals with your body. One problem that many people suffer from today is closed body language, especially in social environments and clubs. Closed and unwelcoming body language shows other people you are not interested in socializing, even though you are looking for new
friends and romantic interests. This is all due to poor body language and can be easily fixed with the steps we are going to show you. Imagine going to the club and being approached by the opposite sex all night long. You will be the life of the party with proper body language. You can accomplish this type of positive and welcoming body language with just a few quick fixes.

This book will also teach you how to read and pickup on flirtatious body language between two other people. You will be able to tell who is dating or
engaging in sexual behavior. Learn how to read the body language of your friends and coworkers and decipher if they are intimate. We will teach you how to
pick up on numerous body language tells that can let you know if two people are sleeping together immediately.

All this information about body language can be learned in this book. Whether you have an understanding of body language already or you are new to reading
body language, we guarantee you will find this book informative and interesting. Body language makes up such a large part of your day to day activities and
you are missing out on numerous communication signals if you fail to read body language. So download now and see what you are missing out on!


[Fast Download] The Hidden Body Language Of Flirting: Learn To Read Your Love Interests, Friends, And Coworkers

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