The Hidden Power of a Master Pickup Artist: How to Cure Approach Anxiety and Achieve your Goals as a Pick-up Artist and More

The Hidden Power of a Master Pickup Artist: How to Cure Approach Anxiety and Achieve your Goals as a Pick-up Artist and More

English | EPUB | ISBN-10: 1470053470 | 2011 | 62 pages | 0.1 MB

We believe that every individual is the master of their own destiny. That once you take conscious control, you are who you choose to be, that you have the power to create yourself. If you are reading this right now, then you are probably a person that believes these principles too. You are searching for a way to develop yourself.

If you have a burning desire then you can define the identity, values, beliefs and behaviors that you need to BRING THOSE DESIRES TO LIFE. Once you internalize these factors the internal friction disappears. Insecurities, fears, perceived disadvantages and excuses disappear. Nothing stands in your way of your desires and of your goals. The result is almost effortless achievement and an inevitable outcome.
This book first hit the market for more than 20 dollars and sold more copies than we could have ever imagined that it would. But we believe in contribution and in an abundance mentality. We believe that everybody who desires to grow and evolve as a person should get an opportunity at a fair price. Here is your opportunity now!
With our strong belief that everybody has the power to create themselves we have created this tool to assist you in that effort. For more information, please read a snippet taken directly out of the introduction of this book?

Congratulations on buying this book, which will change your life forever. You have taken a tremendous step forward in achieving your goals as a pick-up artist. If you are a man who actively pursues his goals in meeting and attracting absolutely gorgeous women, and if you are already getting good results, The Hidden Power of a Master Pick-Up Artist will lock into those skills and feelings that you already possess and give them a turbo boost that will bring you even greater results and consistency. In the short amount of time it takes to read this book and do the exercises, you will gain a better understanding of key concepts I refer to as "The Hidden Power" and "Congruency," and this understanding will bring you even greater success with those women you have only been partially successful with.
Furthermore, you will discover how to reprogram your "internal settings" to attain a certain persona and experience various emotions naturally. These are the same settings that make you feel nervous in a completely natural way. Once you create a blueprint of these settings-one that describes how you want to act and how you want to feel around gorgeous women-you can reprogram these settings to help you feel confident and act naturally, without thought or conscious effort. During this process, you will discover that those forces driving you toward non-action are the same forces you can redirect toward your goals. If you read this book and dedicate yourself to integrating these concepts internally and achieving your goals, then I guarantee you will start taking the first steps to having success with women, naturally and easily. At the current time, you may not be entirely certain that you want this, or possibly you are not man enough to make the decision to obliterate all obstacles that stand between you and your goal. After your mind is made up and you have decided you want this, continue reading and nothing will stand in your way when it comes to achieving your goals with absolutely gorgeous women.
This book is written in the context of meeting and attracting women. The men who make an art form out of this process refer to themselves as "pick-up artists." To use this book, you don't have to be a pick-up artist or even understand the concepts of meeting and attracting women. In fact, you can use this book to design yourself to meet and achieve any goal that you have previously fallen short of. With the concepts presented in this book, your goals become easily achievable. All you need to do is reach out, grab them, and own them.


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