The Human Machine - The Anatomical Structureamp; Mechanism of the Human Body

The Human Machine - The Anatomical Structure Mechanism of the Human Body
144 pages | Holyoake Press (October 2008) | ISBN: 1443775487 | File type: PDF | 7.1 mb

This is one of the leading books for artists in understanding the anatomy of the human being. It emphasizes planes, light and dark and what lies underneath the skin. It is not for any scientific study, and it doesn't go into great detail as to the exact purpose of muscles. It appears to be a fixed law that the contraction of a muscle shall be toward its centre, therefore, the subject for mechanism on each occasion is so to modify the figure, and adjust the position of the muscle as to produce the motion required agreeably with this law. This can only be done by giving to different muscles a diversity of configuration suited to their several offices and to their situation with respect to the work which they have to perform.

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