The Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers for Beginners

The Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers for Beginners

English | March 7, 2020 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B085K5TZQS | 99 Pages | Rar (PDF, AZW3) | 2.60 MB

With so many books and courses online that offer training in PLC programming, new learners/students, plant operators, technicians and engineers aspiring to learn PLCs may get confused where to get started. That is the reason why I came up with this book to help new PLC learners build good foundational knowledge before they embark on a serious PLC programming training. This book starts with a background into Relay control systems to help you appreciate why industries changed their control systems from Relays to PLCs. If you can understand how Relay systems was and is still used in industrial controls, it becomes easier for you to learn PLC systems. The author begins the Book by looking at Relay control systems and how they are applied in industrial control systems; switching mechanisms, relay logic, and relay ladder diagrams. After building a good foundation in relays logic, relay ladder diagrams, the author then introduces PLC systems: the basics of PLCs, and how they are used in sequential logic control. The author briefly covers PLC programming mainly focusing on ladder diagram programming, and shows you through examples how they are applied in industrial control. This is to equip the learners with basic knowledge in ladder programming which is essential especially for those who plan to pursue PLC programming and build expertise in this field. In summary the book covers:Switching mechanismsRelays, Relay Logic & Relay Ladder logicTimers, Counters, and Sequencers as applied in Relay controlsPLC-basic introductionPLC hardwarePLC operationPLC memory structurePLC programmingLadder gatesLadder logicLadder diagram programming and its industrial control applicationTimers, counters and sequencers as applied in PLC systemsLastly I discuss briefly how PLCs are connected in a networkThe main objective of this book is to show you how the transition from relays to PLCs, was done, and how a good understanding of relay logic can help you learn PLC ladder logic with ease. I highly recommend this book to anyone planning to study PLC programming or generally PLC application in industrial control.


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