The Jesus Mysteries : The Original Jesus Was a Pagan God

The Jesus Mysteries : The Original Jesus Was a Pagan God

English | February 29, 2000 | ISBN: 0722536771 | 432 Pages | PDF | 1.43 MB

This groundbreaking book looks at one of the greatest cover-ups in history and dares to think the unthinkable about Christianity - that it was in fact a Jewish Mystery School modelled on the ancient Pagan Mysteries. The myth of Dionysus bears startling resemblances to the the story of Jesus Christ. It compares with the biblical story in the following ways: / Dionysus is God made flesh and is hailed as the 'Saviour of Mankind' and the 'Son of God' / His father is God and and his mother is a mortal virgin who afterwards becomes worshipped as the 'Mother of God' / He is born in a cowshed / He drives out demons, turns water into wine and and raises people from the dead / He rides triumphantly into town while people wave palms to honour him The date revered by the first Christians as Jesus' birthday was originally that of Dionysus, also the three day Spring Festival of Dionysus celebrating his death and resurrection coincides with the Christian festival of Easter. The last Supper and the Eucharist are also parallel Dionysian rites. This is not common knowledge as the story was a closely guarded secret of the Pagan mysteries. Secondly the evidence of Christianity's pagan roots were systematically covered up the Roman Church.


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