The Middle Game in Chess

The Middle Game in Chess
Publisher:Dover Publications | 1980 | ISBN: 0486239314 | Page: 224 | PDF | 4.6 Mb
Znosko was the Silman of our time and one of the strongest GMs of the early part of the 20th Century. In his day he was considered one of the best chess teachers and it's amazing his books have held up for over 50 years. This book is still standard reading by the Soviet school of chess and actually covers almost all of the key concepts covered by Silman in his Reassess your chess book. In fact it is recommended by the Dvoretsky school (Specifically mentioned in the Positional play book) why? Because the principles taught are still relevant, space, time, material balance, open lines and Tempo (Nowadays called development). The game examples are from the greats, Capa, Alekhine, Tarasch etc. Also some of the ideas have been forgotten and are now being revived. I think a newly minted International Master said it best " The reason I made the jump from Fide master to IM was mainly due to study of tactical variations and working through Znoskos's Middlegame book" Finally its written in Znosko's famous easy reading style.


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