The New Rules of Aging Well

The New Rules of Aging Well: A Simple Program for Immune Resilience, Strength, and Vitality

English | ISBN: 1579659594 | 2020 | EPUB | 224 Pages | 33 MB

"Essential reading for COVID times. . . . The tool we all need right now: a smart, straightforward guide that speaks directly to the question: How can I build a strong immune system? The book is packed with clear, actionable advice for building a strong immune system, losing weight, feeling younger and aging beautifully."
-Yahoo! Life

Frank Lipman, MD, is a leader in wellness and integrative and functional medicine, and The New Rules of Aging Well contains everything he teaches his patients-and then some-about reversing the so-called "symptoms of aging." Symptoms like feeling lousy and looking puffy are absolutely not a given of aging. They're warning signs that you need to change your lifestyle. It's your lifestyle choices, not your genes, that have a tremendous impact on how you age, and here you'll learn how to make the best choices in order to look younger and feel better all around.

Through clearly titled and easy-to-digest entries covering the new rules to know, you'll learn that "The Most Effective Antiaging Mechanism Is Eating Less" and that "Night Eating Makes You Fat"; whether "16-Hour Fasting" is worth all the hype; that "Sugar Is the Worst Food You Can Put in Your Body;" to "Sleep More and Sleep Better" and to "Eat Mushrooms for Longevity"; about "Common Meds That Shouldn't Be Common"; that "Bone Broth Heals Holes in the Gut"; and the mantra "Do No Harm."

And what happens when you follow the rules? An increased health span, where you'll look great and feel energetic, happy, sexy, agile, and strong.


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