The Power of Metaphor: Examining Its Influence on Social Life

The Power of Metaphor: Examining Its Influence on Social Life

English | 2013 | ISBN: 1433815796 | 304 Pages | EPUB | 0,7 + 1,7 MB

This book explores the possibility that people understand abstract social concepts using metaphor, which is not simply a matter of words. Rather, it is a cognitive tool for understanding abstract concepts (such as morality) in terms of superficially dissimilar concepts that are relatively easier to comprehend (such as cleanliness). In the past decade, the development of a formal theoretical framework, labeled conceptual metaphor theory, has stimulated systematic empirical study on metaphor's role in social psychological phenomena. This book summarizes current knowledge and integrates recent developments in the topic of metaphor and in the cognitive underpinnings of social life.

I. Metaphor as a Cognitive Tool for Understanding Abstract Social Concepts
Chapter 1. Introduction, Mark J. Landau, Michael D. Robinson, and Brian P. Meier
Chapter 2. Conceptual Metaphor in Thought and Social Action,
Raymond W. Gibbs Jr.
II. Metaphor s Role in Social Personality Psychological Phenomena
Chapter 3. Conceptual Metaphor Theory and Person Perception, Brian P. Meier, Abigail A. Scholer, and Rebecca Fincher-Kiefer

Chapter 4. The Role of Conceptual Metaphor in Memory, L. Elizabeth Crawford

Chapter 5. Metaphor in Judgment and Decision Making, Spike W. S. Lee and Norbert Schwarz
Chapter 6. Dirt, Pollution, and Purity: A Metaphoric Perspective on Morality, Chen-Bo Zhong and Julian House
Chapter 7. Toward a Metaphor-Enriched Personality Psychology, Michael D. Robinson and Adam K. Fetterman
Chapter 8. The Role of Metaphors in Intergroup Relations, Anne Maass, Caterina Suitner, and Luciano Arcuri
Chapter 9. The Metaphoric Framing Model: Political Communication and Public Opinion, Victor Ottati, Randall Renstrom, and Erika Price
III. Current Issues and Direction for Future Research
Chapter 10. Do Evaluative Metaphors Shape Emotional Thought? A Call for New Evidence, Gary D. Sherman and Gerald L. Clore
Chapter 11. Are There Basic Metaphors? Simone Schnall
Chapter 12. Experiential Origins of Mental Metaphors: Language, Culture, and the Body, Daniel Casasanto
Chapter 13. Metaphor Research in Social-Personality Psychology: The Road Ahead, Mark J. Landau, Michael D. Robinson, and Brian P. Meier


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