The Real Online Game: Phone and Texting Edition

The Real Online Game: Phone and Texting Edition

Language: English | PDF | ISBN-10: N/A | ASIN: B007E5A1MQ | 2012 | 29 Pages | 0.4 MB

¡°In this special edition of The REAL Online Game - Joshua Pompey reveals the secrets, strategies, and techniques to seducing any woman through text and phone game. Learn the critical advanced tactics that will take your online dating game to the next level.¡±
If you want to learn how to receive more dates, build more attraction, and have more success with online dating, than this edition of The REAL Online Game is a must have.

In the fast paced society that we live in today, cell phones are more a part of our culture then ever, serving as the number one means of communication for most people. This is especially true for women. Cell phones are the number one way that most women socialize and stay in contact with friends, and communicate with the opposite sex.

If we are going to stay successful in the online dating world, the online dater must keep up with the times and adapt to this changing world. Phone game should not only be a part of your online pick-up, but be a critical part of your entire game.

Some of the secrets you will learn in this exclusive phone and texting guide, filled with over 150 pages of information are:

Nine attraction building tools that should be used within all your text messaging and phone conversations.

15 detailed pages on planting conversation seeds. This is the most effective tool that can be learned and mastered for online dater who is looking to master his phone game and bridge the gap from the online world to the "real world."

You will learn how to create a conversation seeds, how to use them effectively, conversation seed routines, conversation seed ideas, detailed examples of a conversation seeds in play, as well as the massive amount of benefits they can provide.

The four phases that will guarantee a successful first phone call. You will be taught how to open the conversation, how to transition smoothly to phase two and three, and how to close for a date while building attraction and interest the entire time.

You will learn advanced text messaging speed patterns. This advanced tactic will cause women to obsess over when you will text them next.

You will learn 12 common text messaging mistakes that most online daters make. These must be avoided in order to not risk blowing a potential date.

This guide will show you the reason women sometimes give out phone numbers but do not answer the phone when you call. You will be taught how to avoid this every time by using the necessary tools.

Why building comfort with your potential date through text messaging is the most important thing you can do after a pick-up.

You will learn what you should always do first - text or call.

Why phone game after a pick-up performed through Email must be treated completely different than an Instant Message Pick-up. Both require a completely different approach for various reasons.

Learn twenty pre-packaged text messages that could be used on any potential online date. These text messages are designed to hit on many attraction building techniques.

Learn the technique known as "mirroring."

Learn exactly how long you should be waiting after your online pick-up is over before you reach out for your first contact. The answer will vary based on what form of pick-up you have used.

Learn how to use what are known as "flashback" texts after your first date. These will continue to build attraction, comfort, and interest, as well as setting yourself up perfectly for a second date.

When to text and call, as well as times that you should never text.

Learn whether or not you should leave a voicemail if your potential date does not pick up your first phone call.

The number one night of the week that you should be making your phone calls. This will provide you with the highest percentage of your target being open to a phone conversation.

And much much more.

What are you waiting for? Change your dating life today with this essential book!


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