The Secret Female Hormone: How Testosterone Replacement Can Change Your Life

The Secret Female Hormone: How Testosterone Replacement Can Change Your Life

English | March 3, 2014 | ISBN: 1401943012, 1401943004 | EPUB | 320 Pages | 1.4 MB

You know the experiences all too well. You can't sleep, so you start your day feeling exhausted. Seemingly overnight, you can't remember names, places, appointments-things you could previously recite at the drop of a hat. You want to be more active, but you have zero energy for that. And sex? Forget it!

By now, you've probably been told this is "normal," or that it's the "natural" course of aging. And you might even believe it, because so many women approaching midlife have the exact same symptoms. In fact, millions of women worldwide are undiagnosed and untreated for hormone deficiency.

As one of the country's leading experts on hormonal balance-and as a woman who experienced these symptoms herself-Dr. Kathy Maupin has identified a debilitating and overlooked health condition: testosterone deficiency syndrome, or TDS. Most people associate testosterone with men, but it's one of the most vital hormones in women, and one of the first hormones that women begin to lose as they enter their 40s. And Dr. Maupin's own research has shown that the symptoms of aging-fatigue, memory loss, moodiness, low libido, and so much more-are initiated and accelerated by testosterone loss.

In this book, Dr. Maupin and therapist Brett Newcomb show how testosterone replacement can radically improve your life. They share the history and background of hormone replacement therapy, the latest research on treatment options, as well as:

Tips for dealing with mood swings, changes in sex drive, and maintaining healthy relationships
Surprising information on the long-term effects and health risks of testosterone loss
Common myths and misconceptions regarding estrogen and testosterone replacement therapy
Questionnaires throughout to help you determine your individual hormone deficiencies
Real stories and personal experiences Dr. Maupin's patients share

Clear, practical, and easy-to-use, this authoritative guide sheds light on the importance of testosterone and will help you reclaim your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.


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